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Here are some answers to some regularly asked questions FAQ's.
#1. Q: What does Costumes & Creative Sexy Wear Passionately Encouraged mean ?  Is nudity allowed?
"Costumes & Creative Sexy Wear Passionately Encouraged" means that we ask that you be part of the experience by making at least some effort to escape the everyday and to transform yourself. A clown nose and a camera doesn't quite elevate the game, does it? This event was intended as a next-level community celebration where people bring their most generous, creative, expressive selves to the party.  We don't want gawkers, lemons or touristas. To help the costume-challenged, there will be a Costume Disaster Team (CDT) who can assist you with last minute costume apparel purchases near the event entrance.  No street clothes means that even with a pre-sale -  you will not get in if you show up in jeans, a T shirt and sneakers.  For the costumed limited man -  Stylish button up shirts and hot pants are fine (though we know you can do better). 

As far as nudity goes, while we've got nothing against your beautiful birthday suit, our landlord and the ABC do; so help keep us legal and the party invited back by covering your “privates.”   Sheer clothes can work, as do pasties.

And for a divine tour through the realm of costume and fashion possiblities, we invite you to check out our ever-expanding Pinterest board at "What Do I Wear to Masquerotica? Ideas and Inspirations"

Here are three other Pinteret Boards:

MasQ on Pinterest

#2 Q: What are the DO’s and DON’Ts at Masquerotica? 

A: DO.. • Be creative about how you dress • Contribute when and where you can • State your boundaries • Flirt safely and consensually • Respect our space and each other • Always ask before you take a picture of a patron - Keep your mental composure and stay in control at all times.

DON’T.. • Make unwanted advances on anyone • Cruise aggressively (no matter how cute or scantily-clad) •Lose your composure through drugs or alcohol, or unconscious behavior • Take photographs without permission (pics of performers are generally fine)

#3. Q: Will some forms of sexual activity be permitted? 
 Yes !! and No !  We like to think of this event as a “Second Base” party. That means "MUTUALLY CONSENSUAL" kissing, hugging and touching above the waist are acceptable. Public acts of sex are not, and will result in your removal from the event.  Save it for the after party!

#4. Q: When should I get there? (DOORS OPEN at 9PM )
The sooner you get there, the more likely you will find parking and the more relaxed you will feel in getting your ticket (or wristband if you already have one), in dealing with coat check, etc. Performance schedules will be made public the week of the show.

#5. Q: Can I get TICKETS at the door?
 The new venue is smaller and more intimate. We fully expect to sell-out and soon.
#6. Q: Will there be hard-copy tickets available at ticket outlets?
No Ticket Outlets this year ... Online only @

#7. Q: Are there "ins" and "outs"?
 We are not able to do this for safety reasons. So, NO INS AND OUTS. Sorry. There are ample bars and several food vendors in the venue, as well as an outdoor smoking area and a coat check.
#8. Q. Can anyone less than 21 year old attend this event - even with a parent or guardian?

A: Sorry, the event is 21+ only. NO EXCEPTIONS.
#9. Q: I did not receive my order confirmation, I checked my spam folder and the money has been taken out of my bank account, what should I do? 

Contact with issues.

#10. Q: Will there be a separate entrance for VIP?

A: Yes VIP will have their own entry line, but if your friends do not have VIP and you do, you can enter with them as well.

#11. Q: I would like to upgrade my ticket to VIP. How can I do this?

A: Again, please contact for info.
#12.Q: Will there be a full bars in the VIP area?

A: Yes, there will be full bars in both the General Admission and VIP areas.

#13. Q: Bars, Food, and what can I bring?

A:  This is an 21+ event, so EVERYONE will be carefully carded. There are numerous bars throughout the venue, serving the full range of beverages until 2am, and non-alcoholic drinks until 3.VIP includes appetizers and fruit.
All bags/backpacks will be thoroughly checked. Obviously, you will not be allowed to bring in any beverage containers, or recording devices. Normal Phone Cameras are allowed but SLR's or pro video with long range lens will require a press pass. (See camera policy below)

#14. Q: Do I HAVE to wear a costume?
 Yes.. and sort of.  You will not get in if you show up in street clothes, but if you're making an effort to be sexy, creative, stylish without being necessarily 'costumey,' that's OK.  You can say an effort is mandatory, though no one will be judged on how they interpret that directive. There will be vendors as well who can help you "upgrade." It's part of the creativity and fun that makes this event so special, and so unique. It's a big tent sex positive San Francisco Halloween costume party -  Do your worst!  Like Burning Man and many other Bay-Area events, only HALF the entertainment happens on stage.

#15. Q: Why the ticket surcharges?
 Ticket surcharges begin with credit card processing fees. These are added to ticket purchases in proportion to the price of the ticket. These go directly to credit card companies and are unavoidable. The ticketing COMPANY then adds their own surcharge as well, to pay the employees that service your orders. How MUCH they charge is the "secret sauce." Ticketmaster is infamous for adding up to 25% in surcharges! For Masquerotica, we are using SF-based Eventbrite who are fundamentally opposed to unnecessary surcharges.

#16. Q: Will this show sell out?
 Our lineup is strong, eclectic, and broad-based across a number of scenes and communities. We strongly encourage you to purchase tickets as soon as you can in order to secure your presence at what will be one of the most memorable events of the year, and to save money as tickets at the door are always higher than pre-sale.   Get them now here @

#17. Q: What is your camera policy?
You are welcome to bring your own small, hand held camera. SLR cameras are NOT allowed without a PRESS pass which you can inquire about by writing  Regardless though, you CANNOT take anyone's picture without their expressed consent.  Anyone seen taking pictures without consent of the attendees risks immediate removal from the event and confiscation of your memory card. 

#18. Q: Are there any special hotel deals?

A: No designated hotels so far ... You're on your own!

#19. Q. How do I get there?

Via Driving Directions:

The neighborhood is commercial, but there may be other events nearby.. Carpool if you can. COME EARLY! Carpool if you can.

#20. Q: What are you doing to make the FACTORY look good?
The name anonEvents has long been synonymous with decorative extravagance. We will be kicking up some major decor dust on thie event. Opel is also famous for their creative productions at their own events and their playa-based sister community, Opulent Temple, that is also organized by Opel man Syd Gris. Each of our respresentative communities such as Mondocirkus, Club Exotica, Bondage a Go Go and others will also bring their unique creative flair and personal touch.
Thank you!